Review – Stopped (MG) is a social netowrk website, similar to Facebook but this one will pay you!

You may not feel good on the design of the website. I feel the design is not professional hence not join this site at the very beginning and I feel sorry about it. The owner of the site write the program for MG by himself. Hence, he can add new function and fix the bugs anytime. Even the layout design is not very good but the function design of the site is wonderful. The designer is one of co-owner of BiteMe Village in Birejji.

MG will share 90% of the pot to all members.


The pot is the amount money to be share between the members.Money in pot comes from banner advertisements and sponsorship. To increase the pot value, members can :

  • clicking on the sponsored links
  • clicking on the sponsored likes
  • promoting the site’s text link ads that are sold via the sidebar
  • reading Admin’s blogs and forum posts

Member can become a Featured Member by paying $50.

At the end of each mont,h 50% of the site revenue will be shared to Featured Member (who pays $50 lift time membership fee) and further 40% of the site revenue will be shared amount all the members according to the credits in your account.

Payment will automatically send to your Paypal if you have more than 0.01 on the Friday of the first full week of the month for the previous month. Member may also get paid via Alertpay if amout exceeds 1 USD.


You earn credits for the following activities:

  • Referring Members Manually – 1000 credits
  • Logging In – 50 credits daily
  • Adding A Friend – 10 credits per friend added
  • Commenting On A Blog Post – 1 credit
  • Creating A Group – 10 credits per group created
  • Adding A Photo – 10 credits per upload (not per photo!)
  • Adding A Video – 10 credits per video linked
  • Adding An Event – 10 credits per event added
Other earn credit methods:
  • Watch online TV
  • Chatting in Chatroom

Those credits will be added to your account manually.

Credits will last forever so members contribution to the site, keeps paying you forever. Even I got paid at the end of the month, credits till in my account. Members are able to buy and sell them in the credit market.

The price of credit trading among members are : 25,000 credits = 9 US,  100,000 credits = 15US

If you don’t login for 14 days, all credits will be gone and equal to zero.

I join MG since 27/12, just login everyday and post 1 to 2 video. In Jan, I got paid for my December earning, I get 0.01 in those 4 days.
I also attended the Chatroom and speak for a few lines and get 0.05 ! Feel surprise!

To refer a member, you can get 500 credits when they sign up and 10% of your referrals credit balance as a bonus every month.

Join :

I Got Paid:

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