Stopped for a while stopped for a while. I stopped using it as I did not get monthly payment for the last few months. Even the site still run and I did click for the banner but I even not get 0.01 to my account. Then a few more months later, it officially stopped.

I start to thinking about what happened for people who pay and upgrade as sponsor member. Did they get back the investment before the site closed? Or did they earn enough credits to get back the share they invested?

For me, I invested 1 USD for place my URL at their rotation. Indeed, that is not a good idea, as the site even not last for 2 years and it is a rotation only. In sum, before investment online, do think clearly and only spend the affordable money that you can loss.

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2 Responses

  1. Margery says:

    I invested lots of money there. He said that he would give me my money back a few months after it closed. It has been months and no money. I really got ripped off in that situation. I never pay for anything on other sites I’m a member of but I trusted him. He was very convincing.

  2. Tao says:

    Sorry to here that! I know him from Birejji, most member in the chatroom recommend me to join MatesGate and he is helping in the chatroom too. Too bad!

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