MediaCPM vs TrafficRevenue [Gone]

MediaCPM & TrafficRevenue both earn via diaplay banner in your website to get pay. We call CPM is reward for display the ad for 1000 times. Both with different kinds of ads, 468×60, 728×90, 300×250, 160×600, 120×600 and TrafficRevenue even with sliding bar, PTP link and XML for Search PPC format.


A more professional design website, you need to place code in your website and wait until they approve you site before the ad display. It mostly take around less than 24 hours. It provide detailed statisitcs compare with TrafficRevenue. The most important is Media CPM with No Minimum payments on PayPal! and 5 on Moneybookers.

It looks perfect for everyone to earn as it with no min. However, it is not easy to get paid even with no minimum cashout. Here is my statistic for my 728 x 90 in my Affiliate promotion Page. You may click to see the full image, it show only 3 views shown per day during 5 – 8 Feb 2012! And I get 11 impressions and earned 0.00042.

That is quite surprise for me as I use quite a lot of Traffic Exchange site to display my Affiliate promotion Page. My program tells me it have around 1000 display per day and more than 550 with unique IP address within 24 hours.


In the same Affiliate promotion Page, I also display 160×600 TrafficRevenue’s banner, the statistic in TrafficRevenue is quite different. Indeed, TrafficRevenue is famous for counting less view as it should be because they only count the view that last for more than 8 or 10 seconds. Here is my record, you may click on it to view the full image. It shows that I have 74 view in 5 Feb 2012 and earned 0.0147 USD.

For the same page, same viewing IP, I got 0.00042 vs 0.0147!

However, I heard people complaining TrafficRevenue will redirect you visitor to another page and I also get complain from EasyHits4U for frame-brearking after I added TrafficRevenue’s banner. TrafficRevenue does not has a good web design and some banner from them seems is come from clicksor, as I can see clicksor’s icon on those banner.

Payments are only sent using PayPal  with minimum payment: 5 USD. If you request a payment over 100.00 USD, you will get 10% bonus! You will also get 10% form your referral.

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