Minuteworkers is SCAM !!!

Minuteworkers similar to Microworkers pay you to compelte mirco jobs like re-tweet, digg, click … … Some easy jobs that easy to complete. It is even better than Microworkers because its low payout, only 2 USD instead of 10 USD.

I got paid a few time and few it is good even I did search for some review about it. Most said it is a biggest SCAM. However, I can get pay, who care!

Until it closed the Forum, I feel disappointed about it as I suppose pay 0.01 per post. Since the Forum closed, members are not able to:

  • Complain about cheater employee, I got a few task not accepted and no ways to complaint!
  • Complain about Tony ( admin) that I did not get my payment, around 3 USD.
It was paying ontime, within a few day after 1st and 15th of each month.
However, now is 11th, I still not get my payment, I suppose it is my turn! Do not trust it will pay you, even it will pay you at the begining!

I Got Paid

[iframe src=http://taomoney.net/record.php?id=39032 height=100%]

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