MyBrowserCash Referral Share Updated

MyBrowserCash  is a small program, download and install it. It will show Ads for you to click on it. It hide in the bottom right corner until there is a Ad for you to click on it, you can also earn via invest to buy referral share. For more information, do refer to MyBrowserCash Review – Legit.

The reward of the referral share was updated.

Old New
Each Position Cost 5 USD 5.5 USD
Pays 60 times 75 times
 Daily Payout / day 1.1 1.28
 Bonus to Purchase Balance 2 0
Total 1.1 x 60 + 2 = 9.6 1.28 x 75 = 9.6

The total among of reward are the same but it take 15 days more to earn the same. That is earned 25% less than before.

However, that make people feel safe that the company are more able to keep paying the members.

Do remember to fullfil several requirements in order to earn the daily revenue share.

1. You must view at least 10 ads a day (or automatically qualify by being a Gold Member).
2. You must login to the MyBrowserCash members area at least once a day (if you are not a Silver or Gold Member).

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