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MyBrowserCash  is a small program, download and install it. It will show Ads for you to click on it. I will hide in the bottom right corner until there is a Ad for you to click on it.

Some people said use IE can earn around 0.4 per day while just can earn 0.2 if use google chrome. That is just s rumor! If you can help me to confirm it, do send me a message. For each click is around 0.001- 0.002. There is also Banner for member to click in the member zone – Paid To Click Ads after login in website.

Referral Shares

You can buy Referral Shares (RS) in MyBrowerCash.

For example, if there are 5000 members do not have a upline, then MyBrowserCash can sell 1000 RS. If those 5000 member helps company to earn 100 USD each day. For every RS owner can get 100/1000 = 0.1 USD per day!

Now, each RS sell at 5 USD, each Share is for 60 days only. The Current Daily Payout As Of Today Is: .11/Share/Day into your account balance. If you login and click 10 Ads per days. After 60 days, you RS will be removed and they will add 2 into your Purchase Balance and 1 is put into your account balance. That mean you will get 0.11 x 60 + 1  = 7.6 in your account balance for cashout and 2 bonus in Purchase Balance that you can use to buy another Referral Share.

Since it take a long time to gather 20 USD, it is recommend to buy RS for you first 5 USD. That you can take the Share in cash later for Cashout. As the money in account is a number, you cannot touch them before you have 20 of them. If there is a method to increase the revenue, why not?

Warm reminder

Members need to login and click more than 10 Ads everyday in order to earn in Referral Share’s Daily Payout!

You can earn 45% of what your direct referral earn.

Min Cash out (Fee)
Alertpay : 20
Paypal : 20 (1)

Lots of my friend got pay already, most of them buy lots of RS too ! Well, I will worry that it cannot pay one day. Up-to-now, it still financial healthy and paid quick and on time. Good Luck!

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