MyLot Review – Legit [STOP]

MyLot is a platform where you can start earn via post (reply) in forum, search in the platform and complete simple task to get paid.

TASK (Mirco Jobs)

I spend less than 15 minutes in MyLot everyday. Once I login, I will got to check if there any tasks for me. Tasks are easy to earn and earn to complete, mainly in a few stream:

  1. rewite article
  2. comment in blog
  3. voting
  4. like in Facebook, digg, twitter
  5. Signup

You may complete a few tasks within a minute. Most of them around 0.02 – 0.03 USD. You can complete lots of tasks in a day, no limit on how many you wants to complete.


Other than tasks, we can earn via discussion. Post new thread and reply post, it is around 0.01 – 0.03 per post. If you have higher rank (reputation), you can earn more per post. As I mentioned, I spend less then 15 minutes per day, I post around 3-5 posts per day. Here is part of my earning record. The discussion earning will also count on your content quality. The thread with more people reply will help you earn more earning.


Before I join each company, I will first search in MyLot to check if it is Legit or SCAM. As MyLot gather a group of member who interested in earning online, members know about online earning very much. Hence, most member did try lots of program online already. They will post comment for those program. If the program paid, we can find legit discussion. If the program is SCAM, we can find lots of complain thread at MyLot. I believe those post are trustable. In other website, we always can see people said they get paid for lots of money but I cannot trust them. I feel most site just want to lure people to be their referral to tell lies on reward. However, members in MyLot are honest and telling trust!

When we search in MyLot, sometime, we will get extra bonus! There is two example.

You will also get 25% of your referral.

MyLot is trust-able as it established for 6 years, never got any complaint. For the only complain – the server sometime run slow.

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  1. Bestlife says:

    For post to earn, there is one Earn money by posting in forums, you may be interested to try it!

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