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NewWaySurf is a Manual Traffic Exchange site and in the DonkeyMails‘ list. You will receive a surfing URL which will be used to visit other people’s web sites for a period of 15 seconds. You earn credits for each page viewed. Credits can be converted to web site hits, banner and/or text link impressions.

To view a page will give you  ~ 0.000062 (0.062 CPM)  and 0.5 credit.

Credits you get will change according to how active you are. It will increase your surf ratio with 0.01 credits for tomorrow, for every 10 sites you visit today. Sometime, it have special day that will give you 2.5 credits per page but that seldom happen.

Even the main page of NewWaySurf stated that the cash earning for every page view is dynamic cash ratio up to $0.02 for 100 pages ( 0.2 CPM). I cannot find any explanation on how to improve the cash ratio to 0.2 CPM. The maximum I get is 0.068 CPM. However, you can earn 50% of the cash earned by your referrals. Also, 0.1 credits a page  your referral viewed.

The min pay is 5 USD via Paypal. A members need to surf 5 / 0.000062  = 80646 to get pay. That is really not easy. Up to now, I am far away from 5 USD and I am sure I cannot make it without lots of referral. Unfortunately, I do not have much of referral in this site. Hence, I possibly not able to tell you this site is Legit or SCAM in a short time, may be in a lifetime and click and click is real boring.

Effectiveness on NewWaySurf’s  Traffic Exchange

It’s traffic exchange function is not a very good one. Most IP are repeated and most traffics are from T3 and T4. Of course there are traffic from USA but not in a high ratio. NewWaySurf did not support Geo-Target that limited the income with Paid to Promote link.

Even not very good result for promoting an Affiliate Page, Affilate Page with no country Tier but 24 hours unique IP. I did write a little script to keep check on the hits to my Affiliate Page. For 155 hits, there are only 21 non-repeated IP. That is quite unacceptable. The only way to income the profit from it is the set the maximum visit per day to 25 in the site page. And 25 is the minimum that member can set.

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  1. Sam says:

    I agree with your review. At .02 is not an easy task. In my opinion I can not say is an a scam but by my experience is very hard to make money.


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