Paiddragon Review

Paiddragon is a normal PTR, just like lots of them online. However, Paiddragon with a nice design template. Furthermore, it gives all free member a FREE UPGRADE!

Free Upgrade

All new members will automatically receive the free Dragon Egg upgrade for a year.
Dragon Egg includes:

* .015c PTC to 100 – monthly
* 1000 Banner Impressions – monthly

You can get 100 hits per month and 1200 hits in total free of charge!

Paiddragon with members from quite good country Tier. When I promote ValePTR 0.55 PTP on that FREE 0.15c PTC, I can get around 0.3 CPM. That is quite a good result without any geo-target!

Besides, you can login to win random prize.

Most of them are 4,000 Views, not really helps a lot but it is free!

In sum, it is worth to join Paiddragon for the FREE upgrade and get the 100 hits per month free of charge!

Join Paiddragon:

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