Quick Taste of Paid to Promote

This Chapter will teaches you how to start you PTP link promotion within 15 minutes start from zero.

Claim Random Prize

Some PTR provide random prize for member, login to the account and you will see the green icon,  click on it. Wish you Good Luck to have PTC bonus. That guarantee hits to your PTP link, most of them auto process your Ads. Form apply an account, click the random prize, submit PTP URL and image URL, it will not cost you more than 2 minutes. However, sometime you any get PTP view,  banner impression. Good Luck!

As not all PTR provide random price, you are recommended to start with:

Fast-PTR  –  75 PTC, 150 Banner Impressions, 35 link exchange credits, 40 points
PaidDragon  –  4,000 Views
RainingCashEmails   –  50 PTC, 500 views, 0.0002
MonkeyBizs   –  always 100 Banner Impressions

Seems Fast-PTR & RainingCashEmails  is the only one with real random prize while others are fixed prize.

Redeem Ads

For redeems Ads, some program is more easy to earn points and redeem Ads while some is quite difficult to do so. Following listed some of program that allow you to place Ads within 15 – 30  minutes and quality of the reward is not considered in session.

There are 16 Affiliate Pages, each page with 5 x 3 pts banner.
Hence, you can earn 16 x 5 x 3 = 240 in 80 clicks.

Now, you can redeem for 1pt Email / PTC to 100 – 8 sec with 145 Points.
Discussion on place email or PTC Ads will be mention in Chapter 5.3.1.

That means you clicked 50 banner to earn 150 points which can return 100 hits to your PTP link.

There are around 100 Affiliate Pages, each page with 8 x 3 pts banner.
Redeem for 1pt PTC to 100 – 8 sec – 120 Points.
Only 40 clicks will help you to get 100 hits!

There is 18 x 4 pts banners plus lots of 1-2pts banners.
Redeem for 1pt PTC to 100 – 125 Points

You can gather 125 points in about 60 clicks to trade 100 hits, not a bad idea!

You can repeat similar steps in Howlin Mad Cash, WorldWide-Cash.net etc. There is more similar site out there, welcome to take a look at some of my other post to get more information.

Free Upgrade

Some PTR offer FREE upgrade for their members. For example, PaidDragon.

All new members will automatically receive the free Dragon Egg upgrade for a year.
Dragon Egg includes:

* .015c PTC to 100 – monthly
* 1000 Banner Impressions – monthly

You can get 100 hits per month and 1200 hits in total free of charge!
Highly recommended!

Paid To Promote: The Essential Guide

Everything you need to know about Paid To Promote

Download Full version in PDF: http://adf.ly/4USpQ


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