RainingCashEmails Review – Legit ?

RainingCashEmails is a PTR site with very attractive 0.6 Paid to Promote Link for all FREE member and it do pay members.

Paid to Promote

Not only 0.6 for T1 but also 0.42 for T2 traffic hits, even 0.18 for T3. That is even better than ValePTR and Donkeymails. The 0.6 Promo Link is my favorite in all the Paid to Promote links, except those whose only for T1 or T2 members, RaingCashEmails is the best of out all the PTP links.

PTP Link T1 T2 T3 T4 T5
Promo 0.6 0.42 0.18 0.06 0.03
NoTiers 0.15 0.15 0.15 0.15 0.15

It even have a No Tiers PTP links which is perfect for mail T3 and T4 traffic hits. I promote both links at the same time.

Paid to Click

Another wonderful feature of RainingCashEmails is “All PTC Including Affiliate Pages” . It place all cash and point banners in a place for you to click on it. That is very convince for the clickers. There are tons of links with 0.0002 and 1 point each. Member can easily get more than 200 points per day.


For every 24 hours, can play Random Winner & Magic Wand.

Random Winner: Just a click can get 0.0001 – 0.0005 free of charge.

Magic Wand: Just a click can get 0 – 0.0005 but it is random, sometime will get zero.

Ads Redeems

For every 1100 points can redeem for 1000 hits for 0.0002 each. How wonderful that we can just click 1000 banners (some banner is 2 points each) and exchange it for 1000 hit to our PTP links. You may also save those points up to 23,333 Points to redeem a 3 Month Affiliate Page. The Affiliate Page can help you earn  0.0002  Cash per valid hit ( 0.2 CPM ), with Unique Hits once every 24 hours, cash directly credited to your account with NO TIERS! It displays:

20 – ‘Recommends’ Side Links
5 – 1 Point Paid To Clicks
6 – Top Rotating Banners
6 – Bottom Rotating Banners

That is a very great opportunity to have you own Affiliate Page free of charge! Here is my Affiliate Page: http://www.rainingcashemails.com/pages/affiliatetaomoney.php?refid=taomoney welcome to take a look.

Monthly Bonus

Monthly Activity Bonus
Over 250 links you receive $0.005
Over 500 links you receive $0.01
Over 1,000 links you receive $0.0225
Over 2,500 links you receive $0.06
Over 5,000 links you receive a one month affiliate page
Over 10,000 links you receive a 3 months affiliate page

it is another chance to get affiliate page, to click all banner, must over 200 clicks per day. Hence, you will get around 600 links a day!

Min cash out is 0.25 via Paypal or Alertpay.

Join RainingCashEmails: http://www.rainingcashemails.com/pages/index.php?refid=taomoney

I Got Paid:

[iframe src=http://taomoney.net/record.php?id=38905 height=100%]


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