Reward of Click Fans [Gone]

We discussed how to earn via Click Fans in  Click Fans review. It is time to discuss how to cash out in Click Fan.

As it gives 1 USD CPM in surf, it is a very attractive in Traffic Exchange industry.

Each each visit will get 1- 9 coins.

10 coins = 1cent (10,000 coins = $10). Minimum ‘cash out’ is $10.

free vouchers

They pay you in rewards/vouchers instead of  Paypal. You can have any voucher you want, if ClickFan can buy it online and email it to you.

Hence, what is the possible reward / vouchers? I have did some research. As an international user, I do not need walmart gift card. I need the gift card that I actually can use. Here is my wish list

If still no idea, you may search in cardhub to find any digit gift card that you like. Some with nice discount, for example, Barnes & Noble Gift Cards, only need to pay 19 USD can get a 22USD gift card, with 14% off!

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