Sea Bonus of provide veiwbar to earn. Get paid to display the viewbar per minutes. According to your member level, you will get different reward. There is sea bonus appear from time to time.

It will not last long, do click it as soon as you see it. After you click on it, you will see Bonus Clicked and it will pop up the reward window.

The reward window display the SeaBonus.

Mainly is points for Ocean contest, Mystery ticket and Shell points .

For ocean points, the surfbar give 1 point per minute. A missed presence code remove 1 point.  The member who got most points per month will be awarded.

The shell points will automatically convert to gold coins which can trade for Paypal/ Alertpay at the end of the month.

For Mystery ticket, I usually get 1 to 5 .

Sometime, the mascot display in viewbar, do click on it!

For every 20 of them you will get a ticket for Mascots Hunting and get 1 Ocean point for each of them.

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