Sea Ice Contest of Seagames

Seagames is a viewbar earning website. It include viewbar, game and content. Sea Ice Contest is one of the daily and monthly contest.

Sea Ice Contest is to fight against the global warming and help the Sea ice to regain its former glory. Earn points to extend Sea Ice in km.

Sea Ice Contest count on points, highest point can win award. The points come from the surfbar, each minute gain 10 points. To get more points:

  • Use Sea Ice and Iceberg tickets
  • Use Winter tickets allow you to earn 10% of all the points earned for the Sea Ice contest during 1 hour (no cumulative with Happy Hour tickets)
Sum up all the points gain daily for the monthly contest. The reward includes Sea Ice tickets, gold coins and shell.

Earn Iceberg tickets

Iceberg ticket can get earn via Mystery Tickets. I got one from Mystery Tickets. It can also obtained from Sea Pass.


Just got 150 Kilometer square is quite a bad luck!

Wish you good luck to earn more!


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