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SeoSlave is for webmaster to place Text link in their site to get pay. It’s sister site is FanSlave which exchange promotion in Facebook and Twitter. SeoSlave is a link exchange site for quite a long time, now it support cashout if not use the credits for exchange to increase PageRank via SEO.

It works similar to BackLinks but SeoSlave with more unique working concept. Once you place the code in wordpress, it auto detect the page exist and rank it with SeoSlave-Rank. The page in this website, mainly ranked as 0.14. Most of link was ranked as ” not take part in cause of a poor ranking”. Special for the new established page.  I suppose the page with some important KEYWORD will be ranked higher than the other.

After I installed the code for a day, 2 of my page is ranked high enough to take part in Link Exchange. Both page help me get credits automatically. I get 0.33 credits for 3 links, 1 link in a page and 2 links in another page. Credits you earn is per day. If the link still there, you will get another 0.11 credits next day. Do remember both page is ranked 0 in PageRank as they are new added page. For other similar website, they only accept Rank 1 or above website to earn while SeoSlave accept all kind of site with their own rules. That is a good start and encourage me to write more review to help others.

There is the image of the Text Link, the first image is the page did not have Link Exchange.

There is the image of showing the Text Link.


For each credit can exchange for 0.08 EUR but sometime it can exchange for 0.09 EUR. So, cash out the credit in a suitable time. Be Smart!

SeoSlave also provide quite complete explainable for how the Link Exchange works in SEO. SeoSlave seems an alternative to BackLinks, as BackLinks is not easy to have a link but SeoSlave is much more easy to get credits. Of course, BackLinks with a higher reward. Anyway, can earn is good!

If you refer new member, you will get 10% commission of the credits your referrals spent.

Min. Cashout is 15 EUR.

Join SeoSlave:

Since SeoSlave just open up Credits to cash function, there is no information about cash out reputation.

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