ShowCasePTR Review

ShowCasePTR is a PTR site, not very popular but not a bad one yet. It have a nice points and redeem system.

Paid To Click

Each click worth 0.00010 – 0.0003 and lots of click for 10 – 12 points each. For every 200 clicks, a lucky clicker will get 0.01 as bonus.

No-Timer PTC Ads

There is a no timer Ads, each valued at 0.001, totally 12 of them. All are for non-profit charities, it is meaningful to know those organization and earn at the same time. Each day, at least can get 0.012 via the no-time PTC Ads.

Personal PTC Pages

There is currenlty have 12 personal PTC pages, each with 5 PTCs valued at 20 Points. That mean for every 24 hours, you can have 1200 points for 60 clicks only.

Paid To Promote

For the Country Tier break down, it is not too bad for  T4 mainly traffic. That is double of reward for  T4 then Donkeymails.

T1 T2 T3 T4
0.3 0.2 0.1 0.05

However, in overall, may be 0.15 RainingCashEmail PTP is more worthy. ShowCasePTR offer higher rewards in PTP for upgraded members.


Auctions use point to bid for the items you want, there is cash, PTC Ads and Personal PTC pages for bid. New Auction around every 2 weeks.

Redemption Page

To spend you points or cash.
For every 3000 points can redeems as 0.01. The ratio is not very good. It is better to save points for Ads or Auctions.

4 pts. to 250 – 2,000 Points
4 pts. to 500 – 3,000 Points
4 pts. to 750 – 4,000 Points
4 pts. to 1000 – 5,000 Points

That is quite a nice PTC, as 2000 points just need 100 clicks in the Personal PTC pages and you can get 250 hits back to your PTP. The points need to place Ads for T1/T2 and for all is exactly the same. That is very good! As Geo-target Ads with a much better reward and non-Geo-target Ads with more hits per day. It depends on what you need.

The result for the PTP hits is not very attractive, it will be good to place Ads for Affiliate Pages or no-Tier PTP links. A non-Geo-Target Ads with 4 pts have around 10 – 20 hits per days. For Donkeymails 0.5 PTP, the average income is 0.14 CPM. As I spend 5000 points and get 0.14 back, for 5000 points, it takes me 250 clicks toward 20 points banner, that is 250 clicks to get 0.14 as reward. The final reward is 0.14 / 250 * 1000 = 0.56 CPM, that is pretty good, right ?!

Min Cash out is 2 USD Liberty Reserve or AlertPay.

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