Six Tips to complete Micro Task

Here is some tips for you to complete micro task smoothly.

1. Have a facebook account with 500 friends.

Some wall post require you to have 300 or 500 friends in your facebook account. You will need an account with lots of friend. However, that may not be easy as I even not have 500 real friends in my life! In this case, you may try How to make friends on Facebook FAST? It really helps me to get lots of friend quick!

2. Have a twitter account with 500 followers.

Same as facebook account, employers sometime need us to have 300 or 500 followers. Different from facebook, when you follow other in twitter, other may not follow you at the same time. Hence, it will be better to try some site to get followers. I will recommend:

  • YouLikeHits
    Once you being a member, you can get 50 free points every day. You can use those 50 points to get 25 Twitter followers  within a minute! You can also follow other to get points in exchange for other to follow you. To get 500 followers is not a problem anymore! It also support Digg, SU, FB, Google+1 and website visit.
  • Click Fans
    You can even trade your extra points for cash. New to try!

3. Can add Google +1 even there is no Google+1 button in the page

As Google+1 is a new trends, more employers ask for google+1 then like or retweet. However, some webpage just don’t have a Google+1 button in the page. Hence, we need to

4. Have a level 2 Yahoo Answer account

To earn with post link in yahoo answer, you must at least have a level 2 account. There are some people selling level 2 account. However, you will mostly get ban by buy one.  To get level 2 account, just need 3 days! That is quite easy, do read How to be Level 2 in Yahoo! Answers within 3 Days?

5. Know how to get your IP address

Some click to earn task require you to provide your IP address in order to recognize you have click the link they require. To provide IP address to employer is not a risk and no need to worry that they will hack you back. There are lots of method to get IP address, the most easy one to access to a website called

6. Know how to get the direct link of your tweet and wall post in facebook

Employers will ask for the direct link as your working evidence. If you provide the profile URL, you properly will not get pay. You may refer to How to get a Direct Link for a Tweet & Facebook Post.

Happy earning in Micro Task!

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