Slicethepie vs MyLot – post to earn

To earn via post, there are two great program recommended. MyLot and Slicethepie. Both require user to type and post. Both pay via Paypal with min payout 10 USD. However, Slicethepie seems more easy to earn.


User earn by reply a post or open a thread. User can earn around 0.01 USD per reply or per post. No limitation on number of posts per day. However, for low quality post, post will be removed and it will deduct your reputation points. MyLot is a good reputation program, lots of user got paid for over seven years.


To earn via writing music review. You can get around 0.05 – 0.1 per review. There are lots of music for you to submit review. User much submit the review with musical terms and with certain length. Hence, it will not be as causal as MyLot and number of review you can submit is due to number of music for review. One of my friend got paid already.

MyLot vs Slicethepie

The reward of each post (review) in Slicethepie is five time of a  post in MyLot. That make earning more easier! A user submit review everyday suppose can cashout within a month. However, more requirement needed in Slicethepie for each review.  While in MyLot, user may need around 2-3 months to have the first payment. Even earning is much slower. MyLot does not have much requirement on each post, that make earning much easier on the quality of each post. In sum, both are good program, if you have time, join both is a good choice.

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