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How to earn via PTP in 2013

For members not from Tier 1 or Tier 2 country, it is quite different to earn in PTP, specially after valePTR not accepting T1/T2 members anymore. However, there still have chance. To earn PTP money from DonkeyMails, we need to let to PTP link display in valid website and make sure the people who click on […]

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I Got Paid – Jan 2012

31.01 Minuteworkers (1.95) 29.01 Cashtream (0.09) 27.01 PaySnork (0.07) 26.01 CashnHits (0.59) 24.01 Cashtream (0.09) 24.01 PaySnork (0.05) 24.01 PaySnork (0.03) 24.01 PaySnork (0.04) 23.01 RainingCashEmails (1.36) 23.01 MuscleCarClix.info (0.09) 17.01 Cashtream (0.09) 12.01 PaySnork (0.06) 10.01 Matesgate.biz (0.05) 07.01 Matesgate.biz (0.01) 05.01 DonkeyMails (1.73) 04.01 PaySnork (0.02) Related posts:Effectiveness on Manual Traffic ExchangeMinuteWorkers Review – SCAMMatesGate.biz Review – StoppedMinuteworkers is SCAM !!!

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WorldWide-Cash.net Review

WorldWide-Cash.net once is a very profitable site. Since 2009, the Paid to Promote reward converted to Point instead of  Cash, it is less profitable then before. However, it still useful for traffic exchange. The traffic hits from WorldWide-Cash.net mainly is T3 and T4 but it can give your more than 100 hits per day with 1 point […]

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Geo-Target hits for PTP links?

As we discussed in Actual Income from Paid to Promote, sometime Geo-target Ads may get higher CPM but when count with the cost, it may not be effective to place Geo-target Ads. In ValePTR, members can redeem Ads in no Geo-target or with T1/T2 Geo-target. I did try to place Ads with those 2 type of Ads […]

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DonkeyMails Review – Super Legit

DonkeyMails is the King of PTR (Paid to Read) program. It with long history and good reputation. It keep paying through out all the years. There have a few method to earn: Read message send to your email box and click the link Paid to Click, click the banners in Paid2Click page, ~ 0.001 per click. Paid […]

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Is PTP good to earn?

Paid to Promote cannot help you to bring HUGE income. However, once DonkeyMails, ValePTR still exist in the Internet. Earning is guaranteed. It also helps you to arrive minimum payout. As PTC in each PTR is limited per day, no. of hits you can bring to PTR is not limited by the PTR. Hence, you […]

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Best Approved Site for PTP

The Best Approved Site will not be Manuel Traffic Exchange Site as it is not yield high reward per click, the Site with following requirement: Majority of members are T1, T2 Generate quite a number of hits per day Reward with good CPM per click ( Email Ads and PTC) I will recommend JJClix and […]

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Effectiveness on Email Ads and PTC

As Manual Traffic Exchange did not generate expected reverence, we need to try another method to generate hits to our PTP link. An alternative is to place Ads in PTR site, no matter buying Ads or from points redeem, the hit quality are the same in both ways. Email, PTC or Banner Impression To place […]

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Effectiveness on Manual Traffic Exchange

As PTP reward depends on Country Tier, to place Ads targeted for T1, T2 will get better reward    for sure. It also increased the cost per hits. How to get a balance between cost per hit and  revenue? View the Google doc spreadsheet (http://adf.ly/4TX0Q) for actual raw data to  compare the reward gains from […]

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More hits for PTP

Once we pick the best link, we need people to view those link to get paid. Where to find so many people to view your link in Approved site? Be reminded that only the access of the link from Approved Site will pay you. You may consider the following methods, buying Ads in PTR site, […]