TopSurfer Review

TopSurfer is a Manuel Traffic Exchange Site.

It pays 0.02 for every 35 pages you surf and 300 pages per day unless you upgraded.
For each page you surf, you will get 1 credit for it.
It also pays 0.003 and 5 credits for each Solo-Ads you view. There are around 10 Ads per day.You must complete those tax form in site in order to start earning cash for Solo-Ads. Otherwise, you only earning 5 credits only.

Hence, each day you will get 300/35 x 0.02 + 10 x 0.003 = 0.17 + 0.03 = 0.2 and 350 credits for traffic exchange.

However, TopSurfer does not support Paid to Promote, You can your those traffic for you Affiliate Page.  If you have ValePTR‘s Affiliate Page, you can earn 0.2 CPM.  For 350 credits = 350/1000 x 0.2 = 0.07 as extra bonus.

In a month, you will have ( 0.2  ) x 30 = 6

Well, in 2 months, you earned 12 USD.

The minimum payout is 10 USD via Cheque (US only) or Alertpay.

If you just want to have traffic exchange, TopSurfer provide very special feature, you can play while surf!

bingobarsnap.jpg (50K) Bingo Surf

 Solitaire Surf

chatbarsnap.jpg (40K) Chat and Surf

rocketscreenshot (25K)  Rocket Surf

It is worth to try the play and surf for credit. However, to earn cash, must surf with “EARN MONEY AND HITS” no game surf is allowed.

Some people said they got paid while some do not! Really need to try for 2 months and tell you it pays or not!

And you can find them in  &

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