Trafficadbar – a nice web traffic exchange

Trafficadbar is not a site for money earning but it is a site for supporting to earn money.

It is a traffic exchange website, like EM-Groups, it can work with Paid to Promote like

The most special is it with high tier without geo target setting, most of the members from Trafficadbar is base on USA. Hence, when using it with PTP link, it give a very good yield!

For 158 hits, with 72.78% valid hits and gives 71.05 credits. There are 56 hits from USA and UK. Relatively not bad! The result is much better than other traffic exchange when no geo target setting.

The viewing bar is nice to use, easy to click, and user and pick to view 1 of the 3 website which content interesting topics.

They also provide different kinds of methods for users to earn points to get extra hits to their website. Not Bad! Worth to use! High recommend!

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