Trafficker Plus is a CPM site. You need to have a website to display their banner to get paid. Min. Cash out is 5 USD, automatic pay when you get more than 5 USD in account. It pays  PayPal and MoneyBookers  twice a month , on 5th and 20th day in a month.

The CPM reward in Trafficker Plus is much lower than MediaCPM or Traffic Revenue but it count more impressions then the other two.

In the above image is the record shown in the account of Trafficker Plus, it is accumulate. The different between 10 March and 9 March is 2023 – 1439 = 584 banner impression accounted and reward is 0.03. That mean the CPM of Trafficker Plus is just around 0.05. That is not a good reward but consider it count more impression than the other site. It is not bad.

The banner of Trafficker Plus do not have pop-up window and no redirect to other webpage that is much better than Traffic Revenue. However, it sometime with quite sexy banner displayed.

No referral system offered.

As I only get 0.02 to 0.03 per day, it will take me quite a long to test if it do pay or not. Also, I did try to send email to ask admin about the support of banner display. However, I did not get any reply from admin.

Also, the banner keep loading even the image displayed. It keep loading that make the some browser even stop function. Beside, some of the banner include background music, very noise one and no button in the banner can stop it. That make it very annoying and send away my visitor!  As it did not bring lots of income to me, I will not use it!

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