TrafficRevenue has been closed

TrafficRevenue once is quite hopeful, you may refer to the comparison of MediaCPM vs TrafficRevenue. However, it was closed. They close it in a responsible way. They email member and can withdraw the remaining funds in the account via That is very nice as more site close will just suddenly display but no follow up.

Dear TrafficRevenue Member,
Due to lack of advertisers and many design-level problems, we have decided to shut down TrafficRevenue website.
Adcodes have been already disabled. To withdraw your remaining funds or not-completed payouts, you will need to register at You can also use your existing PopAds account if you have one.

Then please follow this link:

This page will allow you to migrate balance as well as non-completed payments from TrafficRevenue to After this, you can withdraw funds to PayPal/Payza/Wire with the same payment terms as at TrafficRevenue.

Please be aware that this migration link will be available till 1st June 2013. After this deadline, it will not be possible to migrate your account!

In case of any questions or problems, please contact

Best regards,
Tomasz Klekot

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