ValePTR Review – Super Legit [STOPPED]

ValePTR is a PTR site, I will call it as Queen of PTR. Same owner as JJClix & SomethingElse-Mails. Both ValePTR  and  JJClix are wonderful programs.

Paid to Promote

It provide one of the best Paid to Promote to free member up to 0.55 CPM and 0.75 CPM for paid member.
There is also a  0.1 CPM (no tier) .

T1: 0.55 (CAN & US)
T1: 0.5 ( AUS & UK)
T2: 0.35
T3: 0.25
T4 0.05

Paid to Click

There are lots of 3 points banner in Affiliate Pages.  Currently, there are 104 Affiliate Pages, each of them with up to 8 of 3 points banner. To click all of them, can get 3 x 8 x 104 = 2496 points. For every 1000 Points = 0.1 USD. That are you guaranteed to get around 0.2 USD and more per day!

Promote PTP Link

You may save the points for promoting PTP link to earn much more. To click on one banner you get 3 points but you can redeem 100 Ads for 120 points only. That is you click 40 banners and other click 100 times for you PTP links. You will earn more than redeem those points into cash!

You can get 12% of what you direct referral earn.

There is No Min Pay via Paypal (You can start press the redeem button after joined for 14 days.). You may also cash out with  AlertPay or LibertyReserve in 1 USD. For all payment process, it takes flat fee of 2 cents ($0.02) per payout since March 2012. ValePTR will process at the request at every Sunday.

Join ValePTR:

I Got Paid:

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