Valid % of Paid to Promote Hits

After you login to your Paid to Promote account, you will see the statistic to show the valid%, Hits from which Country Tier sorted by Approved Site.

First, check if the valid %.
If you browser the actual data with links above, you will see the valid % should be above 80%. However, it seldom equal to 100%.

  • Some people with Proxy IP, there Hits will be invalid to some program.
    For example, Howlin Mad Cash does not accept proxy IP.
    Some T1,T2 site even reject to display webpage to non-T1, T2 users, those hits will be counted as invalid.
  • If your link placed in non-Approved Site, even people click on it, it still not count in the reward. It count as a hit but an invalid hit. For example, EM-Promo is Approved Site for ValePTR 0.1 PTP but not for ValePTR 0.55 PTP. If you place ValePTR 0.55 PTP link in EM-Promo, you will get 100% invalid hit. Well, I tired that already!
  • Invalid hit may also due to not 24 hours unique IP. Peter may click your PTP link is PTR A and also a member of PTR B. If you also placed the same Ads at PTR B, Peter’s click on PTR B will be invalid. As Peter’s IP address is repeated in PTP’s database within 24 hours, his second click is not count as unique, even it is 24 hours unique for PTR B.
    Hence, we need to place Ads in the PTR with different circle of people.
    For example, when I placed Ads in EM-Traffic, EM-Promo & EM-Hits. The valid % is much lower than just place Ads in any two out of three. As members are overlapped in the EM-Group.


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