VastHits Review

VastHits gives you 0.4 AUD to surf 1000 pages or 1 credits for traffic hit. It can bring you a few hundred hits per day!

The 0.4 AUD ~ 0.428 USD CPM is quite attractive, it is much better than EasyHits4U‘s 0.3 CPM. However, EasyHits4U does offer 0.3 CPM and 1:1 Traffic exchange at the same time. But VastHits only offer 0.4 CPM or 1:1 Traffic exchange but not both at the same time.

If you does not need Traffic exchange, just to surf to earn in VastHits is not bad. As I find out there is no limit of pages you can surf per day in my testing. However, EasyHits4U can only gives you 150 – 180 surf per day. Even you surf in cash mode in VastHits, you still have chance to earn credits from time to time.

You will get 0.12 Credit for your direst referral and 0.08 Credit, 0.05 Credit for your indirect referral.

There sometime have special bonus page by random. I see them 1-2 times per day, each time can earn 0.005 extra bonus cash!

The min cash out is 10 AUD via Paypal or Alertpay. There is some payout proof for you in the site. It claims that the payment will arrive to your account within 24 hours.

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  1. temy says:

    I’m surfing and I only get 1 cent per 100 pages.

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