What is different between BUX and PTC ?

BUX and PTC both are refer to Paid to Click. Login and click the banner to get pay. Major different is that BUX pays you around 0.01 – 0.02, only a few links per day while PTC pays you 0.000001 – 0.00001 per click, that is 0.001 cent, with lots of links. Why there is such a large different between each click?


They will pay you quite a good amount per click which is ten times or hundred time of the PTC. However, BUX sites are know as SCAM. They may pay you but they may not. They may pay most of members but not all. The most important is: they are short life. They may be popular and with good reputation today but disappear tomorrow! Hence, we all know that BUX will turns to SCAM oneday. Invest on BUX is depends on LUCK. Only the early joining member can get pay from BUX but the later members are helping their upline to earn. As most BUX will 100% referral reward. Most members are not able to get pay as when they have enough in their balance, the site turns to SCAM already! As a result, I do not join BUX. Even some people said that is a stupid action. However, I do not need to worry if they will pay me or not.


Most PTC do pay. However, is it worth to click the link for the site only for just 0.001 cent? That mean click 1000 times and you will get 1 USD without referral. You need to keep clicking day by day and you finally will get pay even without referral. The same question, is it worth to use such long time for click link to get such little reward? To click 1000 times Manuel only, it may take you an hour per day and keep doing the same around a week or two weeks, we may earn much more in the same amount of the time.

In sum, it is not easy to earn online. And BUX and PTC are quite difficult to earn a lot unless you join in a good time and with lots of referral. I will suggest to earn via completing micro task online.

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