Why solve Captcha code can earn?

I always wondering why there is some site paying their members for keep inputting Captcha? For those is to input Brand name, I can understand that is for promotion purpose. However, for those just input letters or numbers, what is the purpose behind it ?! Special, there is a site called Captcha TradXX (X is used to replace the name), it even offer a service to exchange of solving Captcha. For me, I really don’t need this service, then who needs?

I remember long time ago when I e-gold still very popular, there once have a webpage ask people to input Captcha and pay 0.01 to your e-gold account instant! We just got crazy to input them again and again until we find out that site is to capture the Captcha of creating email account in yahoo. The web page owner need different IP helping to create lots of yahoo email account for spamming online. That means the 0.01 we earn is to helping spammer online. Then, we stop inputting those code and those web page gone.

However, recently those web site are back. I can see people promoting and advertising everywhere and those are not web page but a well designed website. I started to ask myself, “Why the site can pay for people to solve captcha for them? What is the reason behind?”

Hence, I ask  in MyLot, my favorite discussion forum since I can learn and can earn at the same time. They show me an article USA Today: Cybergangs use cheap labor to break codes on social sites which tells us those site helps to carry auto attacks. It is helping cybercrime: scams and identity-theft programs that attack e-mail accounts and users of social-networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

varier, a member in MyLot, mentions that those trading captcha solution can be used for various things. Automated sign in, automated sign up, automated post, automated download and such. Some people use those solvable Captcha for hacking and “spamming” purpose.

owlwings, another member in MyLot reminds that there is NO legitimate reason for the mass entry of CAPTCHA codes. These sites are run by hackers and criminals. If you work for them you become a criminal yourself and may even be helping to hack YOUR OWN email or Facebook account.

In sum, we should earn a little to help those cybercrime or even earn more, it still not worth to help as we may be the one suffered from it eventually.

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  1. BestLife says:

    That is great post to let me know that is not suitable to earn via Captcha! If you need cash, may try How do I get a loan.

  2. SONIA says:

    then tell us an easy way to earn money. we will never do captcha……

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