Review once is a very profitable site. Since 2009, the Paid to Promote reward converted to Point instead of  Cash, it is less profitable then before. However, it still useful for traffic exchange. The traffic hits from mainly is T3 and T4 but it can give your more than 100 hits per day with 1 point PTC banner. If you do not care about country tier, it give you good traffic hits.

How to earn points to redeem Ads?

There are lots of banner valued 1 – 2 pts.
To redeems for 150 clicks, it only cost 175 points. Hence, the traffic exchange rate is slightly higher than 1:1 which is better ratio than most traffic exchange site. However, it does not support Geo-Traffic.

Since the traffic mainly from T3 and T4. There is four ways to earn with those traffic hits.

Example 1 – Paid to Promote

Place Ads toward no tier PTP link. I tried RainingCashEmails‘s 0.15 PTP links. For T3, T4 traffic, 0.15 CPM is not a bad rewards but I just get around 50% valid hits. That make the income around 0.075 CPM. That is not worthy.

Example 2 – Exchange with Traffic Exchange

To promote link for EM-Traffic, each hits can get 0.5 credits for free member. For get T1 hits in EM-Traffic, it cost 2 credits. That mean for every 4 hits from can convert to one T1 PTP hit to RainingCashEmails‘s 0.6 PTP. In sum, each hit from can return with around 0.12 – 0.15 CPM. That sound better.

Example 3 – Hit to Affiliate Pages

Send to your Affiliate Page, most Affiliate Page give you around 0.15 – 0.3 CPM depends the PTR with 24 hours unique IP and no Tier. As do give around 100 hits per day, that is much better than other PTR or traffic exchange site. However, that base on you have a Affiliate Pages. If you don’t have a Affiliate Pages yet, you may take a look at RainingCashEmails’ Review, it tells you how to get one free of charge.

Example 4 – Send hits to get Jackpot

Well, this is the last method, to promote 247TrafficPro to earn activity point. That helps you get the the Jackpot at the end of the week, to win Cash, Credits and even referral.

Paid to Promote’s paid to promote is 3000 pts CPM.
For each 1 pt = 0.00003 = 0.003cents, 3000 pts CPM = 0.3 CPM
Since the PTP with tier, it’s PTP link is not very attractive. For better Paid to Promote, I will recommend RainingCashEmails, ValePTR, Donkeymails and No-Minimum.

Since  1 pt = 0.00003, that is too low reward for those 1 – 2 pts click too. The only way out for’s point is to work on promote other link but not cash out the point. As a result, it is not a site for earning but in a supporting role.

The min cashout is 0.5 in LR and 1 in AlertPay. Well, it is really hard to reach the cashout.

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