Xtreme Surf Review – SCAM

Xtreme Surf is a 1:1 Manuel Traffic Exchange site. It also offer Get Paid to Click and Get Paid to Surf.


It is known that is a SCAM but is still work in traffic exchange.


Get Paid to Surf

It pays 0.05 USD per 15 pages you surf, that is 3.3 per 1000 pages, 3.3 CPM is almost impossible! You will also get 1 credit per page you surf.

Get Paid to Click

Their PTC section with 5 to 6 banners, around 2 of them is 0.15 per click and other is 0.05 per click. Well, 0.15 per click is almost the reward per click from Adsense. I doubt if Xtreme Surf is possible to pay even 0.05 per click.

15 hits to your page for 1 click

And you will earn 15 credits per unique referral page view. I cannot find more detail about the unique is for every 24 hours or unique forever. 15 credits is 15 hits to your page, that is a great method to earn credits. You can put the referral in other traffic exchange site. Then 1 hits in those site is 15 hits for you in Xtreme Surf.

In sum, even it does not pay, I still love its’ 1:1 Traffic Exchange for my Affiliate Page, which gives me 0.2 CPM.

The min cash out is 100 via Alertpay or LibertyReserve. (Just by guess as they accept those two for buying credits.)

Join Xtreme Surf: http://xtremesurf.info/?ref=623

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14 Responses

  1. slawek says:

    This is scam my withdraw 100 USD
    but balance on my account on Alert Pay only 1USD
    This is only 1% my earnings so, xtremesurf.info is scam

  2. Oneida Turcios-Wong says:

    Yep Tao, that’s what slawek meant!! Xtremesurf.info is a BIG SCAM!!!!

    My mother was an upgraded member, which can cashout at $50.00, when she reached this amount she cashed out and when she checked her Alertpay account she had only received $1.00!!! She sent a support ticket to this Xtremesurf Admin. and he/she NEVER replied back!!!

    Can you believe this!!! What a waste of your time!!!!

    • Tao says:

      I see, I do not believe it will paid.
      However, it seems easy to get traffic hits from it.
      Then I can use the traffic from Xtreme Surf to general revenue.

  3. mohsin says:

    xtreme surf really sucks:@
    when i request to pay out on 100$ i just got 1.03$ in my alertpay account:(
    can some 1 tell me any trusted and good site for surfing which really pay!!
    i dont need any pay to click site becoz they take to much time to earn money and they are slow!
    i use to do 3000 clicks on xtreme surf and earn 10$ a day so plz tell me some good surfing site!

  4. wim says:

    Does the exchanger even work ? I mean if you give credits to your site, do you really get hits for the amount of credits you give to it?

    • Tao says:

      It depends on different site.
      For some site, it provide 24 IP, for 100 credits = 100 hits.
      However, Clicker A may join site A and site B, he may click use your credit for same link.
      Hence, even the site promise 24 IP address, may be 90% unique hits to your link.

      For some site that is not 24IP, for 100 credits you use, may get 20 or less.

      You may refer to Does Traffic Exchange give you unique IP within 24 hours ?

  5. Gerhard says:

    I´m glad to read this review, i joined this site but for me it seemed too good to be true. Now i know i don´t have to waste my time there. Thank u again for this review!

  6. jitendra shrivastava says:

    Dear Friends,

    I had investigated this matter and personally contact Mr. Edward Holan admin of xtremesurf and he answered below. I hope this will help you.

    Edward Holan
    11:16 PM (13 hours ago)

    to me
    The terms on this website is set on a 1% pay scale. (1% surf, 1% per
    upgrade, ect.)

    Only Referral Commission is 100% pay you receive from your referrals
    upgrades, buying ads, buying credits, ect.

    Exc. – 2% of 50.00 would come to $1.00.


    On Tue, Jul 3, 2012 at 5:56 AM, XtremeSurf Admin
    > Name: jitendra
    > E-mail:
    > XtremeSurf Member ID:
    > Subject: Regarding clarification of your site.
    > Message: Dear Sir,
    > I was just checking on google about your site status. I found that 1 member is saying that your site is scam and you are not paying min. $100 amount in cashout. You are only paying $1 instead of $100 thru alertpay.
    > Please clarify is this right and are you really paying $100 thru alertpay.
    > Regards,
    > Jitendra

  7. Metal Lili Rochefort says:

    Close call…I signed up not too long ago. I was indeed seduced the wrong way by the 5 cents/15 pages surfed. But I look at the terms and it appears that you earn 1% of your payment request. I knew something wasn’t right. So today, I deleted my account, happy that I didn’t waste anymore valuable time.

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