You-Cubez Review

You-Cubez is a Click to earn and Sell high position Cubez to earn. Each Cubez is an Ads position. People on you Cubez will get rewards. There are 2 kinds of rewards.

1. The reward can be cash out
2. The reward can buy cubez

After you buy a Cubez can try to make it in a higher ranking that show in a more easy looking position. Then you can try to sell it within the You-Cubez platform. Each Cubez only cost you £1 and you can sell it in £30 or more, you can check the current price within the platform.

However, it is quite impossible to earn enough reward to buy a Cubez. You almost a must to use you credit card to transfer money to your You-Cubez account. However, the minimum package is  £10. That mean you cannot just transfer £1 to your credit card but at least £10 as entry free. No matter it is legit or not, you need to spend money first. In case, someone buy your cubez then you can get the money back.

I sum, I do not buy the idea as an online earner but I do appreciate the concept as a website owner. As the webmaster must win the game, the member can get money or not, depends on their luck. For those cannot sell their cubez, the webmaster can get their £10 already!

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